Night Train

"The train pierces through the blackest night."

The train pierces through the blackest night,

its beam reveals misshapen forms within the darkness.

There are nine cars on the train, each with one passenger,

Each passenger has his own story, his own woe, his own misery

The woman walked down the street, heading toward home

A loud noise interrupted the thought of the city,

The woman flew like a dove into the air,

And the driver fled

The man walked out of the bar, heading toward home

Out of the shadows, leaped a foul creature

That wielded a blade. The blade swung, the man fell over,

And the creature fled

The bank cried nervously, streams ran from here to there

A man trampled through the water, stopping the flow

The bank stopped crying, the man took the money

And he fled

The prisoner glided through the hall, calm as stone

Guards led him toward the courthouse

But he turned and stabbed a guard

And the prisoner fled

The woman kept to herself,

She was always at home, but the neighbors found out

She kept her dead husband with her

And the woman fled

Two hunters walked, through a thick wood

One turned to the other and laughed

He pulled out his gun and fired,

And the hunter fled

A janitor at a stadium, had several interests

One was witchcraft and the other, dead meddling

A guard saw him in the cemetery,

And the janitor fled

Johnny loved guns

He loved them so much

Then he shot a man out on the street

And Johnny fled

A foreigner wanted fame,

But he couldn’t find any. So in a rage,

He killed a man

And the foreigner fled

Lucifer loved God,

When God created humans,

Lucifer was angry

Lucifer defied God

And was sent to Hell.