Rules and Regulations

Any behavior in the community or any story that does not follow these rules will result in a one month ban for the first offense. Second offense is a three month ban. Third offense is a permanent ban.

The rules of the wiki are simple. We want to publish original works here.

  • That means no fan-fictions and no continuations of another author's story unless it is a collaboration with authorization from the original creator.

* DO NOT create categories and add the story to the appropriate category that it falls under. If there is no category to match the story, they may request one by leaving a message on either of our talk pages and we will make one for them.

Chat Rules

  • Role-playing is permitted, but not in excessive.
  • Absolutely no sex talk. At all. If you absolutely must do it, do it in a PM (and even then, that is still frowned upon).
  • Caps are permitted, but in limited amounts, and as long as it isn't spam.
  • One cannot enter chat and immediately request that people read his or her story, they must at least participate in the community and act in a civil manner.
  • If you enter chat and the first message you post is "Picklicious", it will result in a three day ban and a plethora of emails filled with pickle pictures. (P.S. We Warned You)

Submitting a Story

Submitting a Poem

Submitting a Screenplay or Stage Script