Here you'll find tips to help you when it comes to submitting a piece of writing.

  • Use an outside writing source before submitting a piece of work. Software such as Notepad, Wordpad, Microsoft Word, or CeltX are great for correctly formatting an original piece of writing.
  • After writing your work, revise it and check it for any errors in grammar or spelling, or it will be flagged for violation.
  • DO NOT copy other people's works. If you wish to find some inspiration, literally just search random things on the web or look outside. If your mind is in the right state of creativity, then you should find inspiration to write.
  • Write according to a certain genre, do not fall into the world of cliches that you would generally find within a genre, expand it to your mind but have it apply to the standard emotions the reader would have whilst reading whatever genre you are writing under.
  • If you plan on uploading a series of books or chapters, plan accordingly and organize how much time and work will need to go into your writing.

These are tips, not rules, but if you use them to help you write, you'll find it to be much easier and less frustrating to use the Anonymous Authors Wiki.